Package wellen

Class Instrument

    • Constructor Detail

      • Instrument

        public Instrument​(int pID)
    • Method Detail

      • ID

        public int ID()
      • get_attack

        public float get_attack()
      • set_attack

        public void set_attack​(float pAttack)
        pAttack - time parameter defining the time it takes for the set_amp to reach maximum level.
      • get_decay

        public float get_decay()
      • set_decay

        public void set_decay​(float pDecay)
        pDecay - time parameter defining the time it takes to go from maximum to get_sustain level.
      • get_sustain

        public float get_sustain()
      • set_sustain

        public void set_sustain​(float pSustain)
        pSustain - level parameter defining the level hold while note is still played.
      • get_release

        public float get_release()
      • set_release

        public void set_release​(float pRelease)
        pRelease - time parameter defining the time it takes for the set_amp to reach zero after note is off.
      • get_oscillator_type

        public abstract int get_oscillator_type()
      • set_oscillator_type

        public abstract void set_oscillator_type​(int pOscillator)
      • get_frequency_LFO_amplitude

        public abstract float get_frequency_LFO_amplitude()
      • set_frequency_LFO_amplitude

        public abstract void set_frequency_LFO_amplitude​(float pAmplitude)
      • get_frequency_LFO_frequency

        public abstract float get_frequency_LFO_frequency()
      • set_frequency_LFO_frequency

        public abstract void set_frequency_LFO_frequency​(float pFrequency)
      • get_amplitude_LFO_amplitude

        public abstract float get_amplitude_LFO_amplitude()
      • set_amplitude_LFO_amplitude

        public abstract void set_amplitude_LFO_amplitude​(float pAmplitude)
      • get_amplitude_LFO_frequency

        public abstract float get_amplitude_LFO_frequency()
      • set_amplitude_LFO_frequency

        public abstract void set_amplitude_LFO_frequency​(float pFrequency)
      • get_filter_resonance

        public abstract float get_filter_resonance()
      • set_filter_resonance

        public abstract void set_filter_resonance​(float pResonance)
      • get_filter_frequency

        public abstract float get_filter_frequency()
      • set_filter_frequency

        public abstract void set_filter_frequency​(float pFrequency)
      • pitch_bend

        public abstract void pitch_bend​(float pFreqOffset)
      • get_amplitude

        public abstract float get_amplitude()
      • set_amplitude

        public abstract void set_amplitude​(float pAmplitude)
      • get_frequency

        public abstract float get_frequency()
      • set_frequency

        public abstract void set_frequency​(float pFrequency)
      • get_additional_oscillator_type

        public int get_additional_oscillator_type()
      • set_additional_oscillator_type

        public void set_additional_oscillator_type​(int pOscillator)
      • get_additional_oscillator_frequency

        public float get_additional_oscillator_frequency()
      • set_additional_oscillator_frequency

        public void set_additional_oscillator_frequency​(float pFrequency)
      • get_additional_oscillator_amplitude

        public float get_additional_oscillator_amplitude()
      • set_additional_oscillator_amplitude

        public void set_additional_oscillator_amplitude​(float pAmplitude)
      • get_pan

        public float get_pan()
      • set_pan

        public void set_pan​(float pPan)
        pPan - panning of instrument with -1.0 is the left side and 1.0 is the right side
      • enable_ADSR

        public void enable_ADSR​(boolean pEnableADSR)
      • enable_amplitude_LFO

        public void enable_amplitude_LFO​(boolean pEnableAmplitudeLFO)
      • enable_frequency_LFO

        public void enable_frequency_LFO​(boolean pEnableFrequencyLFO)
      • enable_LPF

        public void enable_LPF​(boolean pEnableLPF)
      • note_off

        public abstract void note_off()
      • note_on

        public abstract void note_on​(int pNote,
                                     int pVelocity)
      • is_playing

        public boolean is_playing()
      • enable_additional_oscillator

        public void enable_additional_oscillator​(boolean pEnableAdditionalOscillator)